more on Super Bowl lip-synching

Scott Keller shkeller55 at
Sat Feb 13 16:20:50 UTC 2010

Here's the Super Bowl performance, split into 2 Youtube videos:


You can see some vocal/lip-synching miscues in a few places.  In the first video there's one place where you hear Pete singing but he's not at the mike, and when he hears his voice on the PA he moves back towards it quickly.  And at the 2:48 mark in the second one Roger's lips don't match what we're hearing.  There are probably other little glitches too.  But still, at times the vocals do *sound* live.

The drums look live; they and the cymbals are moving in cadence with the music, and Zak's hands and feet match everything I can hear, as best I can tell.  And the drums are miked.  They could have muted them and not turned the mikes on, but I kind of doubt it; it's really hard to mime drumming so it looks like you're hitting all the beats just like in a recording.  If Zak can do that to all those fills he's a lot better actor than I am.

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