lipsynching and noodling

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Well, 45 years later we still have immoral wars and illegal taxs etc imo 
things still can stay the same in the world of the music industry as well.
>From 1965 to 1973,as fellow Relayers (WHO chatboard) John Hughes from the 
UK said, they were all mimed on any TV shows The Who did. The Super Bowl half 
time show is just 
another TV spot. I don't know if the instruments were live or not and I 
don't know
if Roger was lip synching to a low audio in the mix or what but he was 
lip synching at some point. Take a look at this Spanish broadcast of ESPN HD
that my brother downloaded from a bit torrent site. "don't get fooled 
again" indeed.

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the instruments were played live, but Roger's singing was lip synched? And
Pete's not?

Why do the producers do this?


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