lipsynching and noodling

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Sat Feb 13 09:04:22 UTC 2010

A Grammy award winning producer said that every Super Bowl act lip synchs, 
it's just the way the SB Poduction people want it. Springsteen's band didn't 
even play their instruments
last year. I don't feel so bad now LOL. I was in denial until I saw this 
different video perspective. I've should of know as I was one of the 
volunteers that set up the stages.
On February 2nd they had about 75 of us record background crowd vocals. I 
still enjoy
the show and will watch it over and over, it's still fun anyway :):) Jason, 
I apologize if
I seemed to jump on you but it was directed at the people who posted the 
videos of Roger being questioned about it. I was fooled but I won't get 
fooled again LOL.
Mike S
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Hi Toby!

Thought you might be interested in seeing this snippet of "Won't Get Fooled
Again" from the Super Bowl, filmed from an alternate angle. Take a look and
let me know if you're in need of a lighter.



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