lipsynching and noodling

Jason Hare jasonhare1 at
Sat Feb 13 04:57:06 UTC 2010

> Every musician who has ever performed more than 2 gigs in their life would
> know that that was not a mimed effort, the only way to mime something is to
> either memorize the exact notes they recorded when they mime they are
> playing the guitar and "improvising", hitting the drum/cymbal on every fill,
>  or mouth the ad lib on every vocal or not give a crap and let it really
> show through.  Let's dispel this:  they did not memorize guitar fills, drum
> fills, or vocal ad libs - they were playing.  Roger Daltrey was singing, he
> was ad-libbing lines as was Pete and his vocals.  Were the lead vocals
> double tracked? Unlikely.  The mic does not need to be in your mouth to pick
> up your voice.  If I'm wrong, I'll burn my degree from Berklee College of
> Music...

Hi Toby!

Thought you might be interested in seeing this snippet of "Won't Get Fooled
Again" from the Super Bowl, filmed from an alternate angle. Take a look and
let me know if you're in need of a lighter.



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