The Who Super Bowl Performance Studio Version

FlashGordon rgordon1276 at
Sat Feb 13 04:41:57 UTC 2010

> However, for some reason they've
> used the backing track entirely instead of Roger's vocals.  This may
> mean his mic went out, or other similar  difficulties. The backing
> track would have been the Rock Band vocals, which they recorded during
> the rehearsals the week before.

"I do not understand any part of this. LOL."

They're saying that at least some part of Roger's performance was
pre-recorded.  Instead of broadcasting what he was singing at the
show, they've broadcast the track he recorded earlier in the week for
the Rock Band release.

Maybe they decided to do this outright, or maybe there were tech
difficulties.  When I look at the footage on Youtube, most of it looks
like Roger was singing, but now and then there are errors.  If it's
all lip-sync, it's a really good job.

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