pete speaks to "rolling stone" about the superbowl

Sat Feb 13 02:47:45 UTC 2010

A day after the Who's Super Bowl halftime performance, Pete Townshend spoke 
to Rolling Stone Magazine about the overall experience and performance. 

Townshend felt that doing the halftime show would be a "great" thing to do 
as "it would let people know that we’re alive and kicking and that Roger and 
I still do stuff together and intend to do whatever we can in the future 

Townshend admitted that he did not feel anything once he reached the stage, 
"As soon as I get close to a stage, I feel very at home and very safe and 
secure. It feels completely normal" no matter the size of the venue.

Pete revealed that it was Roger and his brother Simon that put together the 
medley.  Townshend initially wanted to play "Won't Get Fooled Again", "Who 
Are You", and "Baba O' Riley", the CSI songs, in their entirety. 

Pete spoke about his first experience at an American football game and 
wondered where the cheerleaders were.

The entire interview will appear in Rolling Stone's February 17th issue. 
The complete article is up now at

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