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Well- I'll say this much- Zak mimes better than Moon did.. lol
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> I love all these excuses y'all are making for the who's possible miming 
> during the halftime show. 

Ernie gettin' riled up!

> if they didn't, well, you know the rest. it was great. (the only one who 
> really knows for sure on here is lowgens. his real name escapes me for the 
> moment. my apologies.)

His name is Mike.  Great bloke.  And here's some added info he posted on Relayers:

Here's what a music tech said on another forum:

The Who was NOT "Totally" lip syncing at the superbowl. BUT!!!@ BUT! BUT! 
they were being fortified during the tough notes. I should mention this. 

How does a concert PA system work. 

First you have the mic's on stage. Then you have the pre mixer that sits right off to 
the side of the stage. And the you have the sound desk that you see out in the crowed. 

In the case of the Who performance, The broadcast feed is taken from the pre mix 
station NOT from open mics placed in the stands. So there are no delay's between 
what you see and hear on stage. 
The engineers at the stage desk "Punched in" Sound snippets in during tough sustain 
notes. So it was both live and Memorex.

- SCHRADE in Akron

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