The Who Super Bowl Performance Studio Version

FlashGordon rgordon1276 at
Sat Feb 13 01:54:50 UTC 2010

> I suppose it's possible that they used his vocal from the live performance for the Rock Band Mashup, but I dunno. Seems like he other way around is more likely at this point.

I wonder if people are pestering CBS or their people about about this.
 At Bobzilla posted what one of the "sound engineers" said
about it today.  The original plan was to have the band mime to a
pre-recorded track (standard), and to mix in Pete's guitar and the
vocals to make it more realistic. However, for some reason they've
used the backing track entirely instead of Roger's vocals.  This may
mean his mic went out, or other similar  difficulties. The backing
track would have been the Rock Band vocals, which they recorded during
the rehearsals the week before.

So, if this is the case, I'm pretty impressed with Roger's cool and
professionalism.  Somewhere along the line he likely discovered that
there was a problem.  However, there's no sign of it.  He's dead on
the rhythm, and it must have been fairly easy for the engineers to
sync up the words, except at the end of the lines where he had more
leeway for interpretation.  You can see the video jump in a couple of
places where the sync was off there. Meanwhile, Pete sounds like his
vocals are completely live.

So, I wonder what was playing in the stadium sound system, Roger live
or Roger Memorex?

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