lipsynching and noodling

Jim M nakedi at
Sat Feb 13 00:27:47 UTC 2010

From: "Toby Elwin" <telwin at>

> Roger Daltrey was singing, he was ad-libbing lines as was Pete and his 
> vocals.  Were the lead vocals double tracked?
> Unlikely.  The mic does not need to be in your mouth to pick up your 
> voice.  If I'm wrong, I'll burn my degree from Berklee
> College of Music...

OK, can someone listen to the part:

If we happen to be left half alive
I'll get all my papers and I'll smile at the sky

To me it sounds like Roger doesn't sing the words "at the sky" on either 
version of the performance.  I'm using the Mashup MP3 that Martin sent and 
my own recording of the ABC halftime show as sources.

I know I said these versions were different, and I still think the 
instruments and Pete's vocals are.  But, I haven't been able to find any 
differences in Roger's vocal.  I suppose it's possible that they used his 
vocal from the live performance for the Rock Band Mashup, but I dunno. 
Seems like he other way around is more likely at this point.

Jim M 

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