The Super Bowl

Sat Feb 13 00:03:52 UTC 2010

I love all these excuses y'all are making for the who's possible miming 
during the halftime show. 

if they mimed it, they faked it, plain and simple.  if shania twain got 
alot of heat for miming during HER superbowl performance, why shouldn't the 
who? because when I think of shania twain.....I think roger daltrey....

if they didn't, well, you know the rest. it was great. (the only one who 
really knows for sure on here is lowgens. his real name escapes me for the 
moment. my apologies.)

of course, people are gonna make cracks about them being old and all that. 
they've been telling the same jokes about the rolling stones since...what... 
1989?  has that stopped them? in 1994, they went off on what was the 
highest grossing concert tour of all time. eat THAT. 

rock n' roll is a "young person's game", and because bands like the stones 
and the who get to their 60's, people think they should hang it up. well, I 
feel the who should probably hang it up, but it isn't because of their age.  
 for me, "young" is more of a mental state as oppose to physical.  which is 
something townshend dosen't seem to understand as he constantly puts down 
the line he wrote, "I hope I die before I get old". 

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