The Who Super Bowl Performance Studio Version

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Those sales numbers are excellent! I guess that's what a Super Bowl halftime appearance is all about when you really get down to it.
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 "Pete had to talk him into doing the show, right?  Hopefully, that
means Pete feels like he owes Roger one now!"

Ha.  Pete did say awfully nice things about Roger during the run up to
the show.  Should we be suspicious?

"Doesn't Pete usually stand very still while strumming the flourishes
? He was all over the place-turning his back to the cameras at least
twice. Just wondering if anyone else noticed this.?.???"

We already know the acoustic guitar is on a backing track to "Pinball
Wizard."  Presumably they played to their usual backing tracks.  Pete
is just really bad at matching the rhythm.  At a standard Who show, he
really doesn't care, but in this case he probably made an effort to
look authentic.

" Roger didn't swing that mic at all despite having the tape on it"

Roger did swing the mic.  There are still pictures of it at Gettyimages.

"Pete's voice was definitely live...but no longer able to pull off
certain songs."

Pete sounds better when he's been on tour for a while.  Unlike Roger,
he doesn't make any effort to get his singing voice in shape for a
show.  You can see it in the pudgy belly.

Anyhow, regardless of the Internet furor, here's the public's review,
reposted from  It looks like enough of the real Who came
across to do the job:

Baba is number 3 now on iTunes and Who Are You is 9th (in rock genre).
The Who: Greatest Hits is the number 1 album, and Greatest Hits Live
is number 4.

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