The Who Super Bowl Performance Studio Version

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I must say...Roger sure nailed the WGFA scream and then 2 seconds later came right back with the "Meet the new boss..etc" part!!! I haven't heard anyone mention this yet- also....the cameras were conveniently not on him during this part in question. One other thing..the Pinball Wizard guitar beginning...Doesn't Pete usually stand very still while strumming the flourishes ? He was all over the place-turning his back to the cameras at least twice. Just wondering if anyone else noticed this.?.???
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> Ah!  You may be right, but: I think there's a perfectly reasonable 
> explanation for this.

I'm starting to wish The Who never agreed to do this show.  Look, we all 
know what this band sounds like live.  Love it or hate it, the performance 
reflects that.  If they were using recorded vocals (Roger, Pete's were 
obviously not), there was no need.  Why record a vocal on Thursday to use on 
Sunday?  It's not like he's miming the vocal from 1971 and it didn't make 
him sound any different or "better" than he normally does.  Was someone 
concerned about a big gaffe where he forgets the words, or blurts out "who 
the fuck are you"?  Was this the only way to ensure the Whodley didn't get 

If it turns out that is what happened (I'm not convinced, but the evidence 
is mounting), could that be why Roger's so dissatisfied with the 
performance?  Could he have agreed to do the show and then been unable to 
back out when this was suggested?  Pete had to talk him into doing the show, 
right?  Hopefully, that means Pete feels like he owes Roger one now!

Jim M 

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