The Who Super Bowl Performance Studio Version

Martin Bailey Martin.Bailey at
Fri Feb 12 13:31:32 UTC 2010

whiskeyman intrigued us with this:

> Daltrey's vocals are EXACTLY the same. Just play the two tracks along.

(I haven't compared both - but I'll take your word for it.)

Ah!  You may be right, but: I think there's a perfectly reasonable explanation for this.

The Original Studio version was recorded before the Superbowl.  Just instruments.  No vocals.

This is the "muted backing track" that was played during the live performance.
Roger (and the rest of the band) played over this.

Later: Roger's isolated vocals from the live show were then laid over the original instrumental studio recording.

Et voila: the Rockband SuperBowl Medley was born.

This is just speculation.  But is that too far-fetched?


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