The Who Super Bowl Performance Studio Version

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Daltrey's vocals are EXACTLY the same. Just play the two tracks along. 



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If they were lip-synching, it wasn't to this "studio" version. The vocals and guitar parts are quite different from what was performed Sunday. And there's no way Zak was faking it -- what we saw was what we heard on drums. Also, the "Who Are You" vocals were certainly NOT pre-recorded as they were quite sloppy. 

Say what you want about our boys, but they did not lip synch! 

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> I'm not sure why its called "Studio Version"?  Is it because the sound 
> has 
> been so cleaned up, it sounds like a studio recording?

y know what I think? 

the whole performance was pre-recorded and they were miming to it. it did 
look a bit lip-synched at first, but later it didn't, but now I wonder.. 
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