Is There a Fix?

Thu Feb 11 22:08:00 UTC 2010

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Keithjmoon70 at writes:

> As for the CFNY, it wasn't the same atmosphere. 

I know.   but I was responding to the point that the who needs to do a few 
songs before they get warmed up. the CFNY is a great example that they 
didn't need to do a few songs before they get warmed up, nor do they need to be 
in the middle of a tour to put on a stellar performance (I used springsteen's 
halftime show last year as an example of the latter point as well).  maybe 
the atmosphere had something to do with it? yeah, it's possible. 

>> We weren't in denial, we were having a 
>> blast. There were no crossed arms.

same in my house! : )

even my father and a few of my relatives, who aren't that big on the who, 
had positive things to say about the show. 

>> But Pete does noodle more than I'd like him to.

oh, like in camden 2000, where I realized how great a guitarist he was?  I 
was at that show. the first of two who shows I've attended. 

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