The Super Bowl

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Well said...
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> QUADROPHENIA is all big fills and cymbal wash.

you might as well say that that the colosseum in rome or the empire state 
building is just a bunch of stones put together, and made to look enormous. 

"quad" is, along with WN, the who's peak in the studio, and keith's 
drumming is a big part of the reason why. 

>> For me, John's bass was far more important in the Who's sound than 
Keith's >> drumming. 

for you, yeah. but for me, they were BOTH hugely important. 

what was that infamous quote from keith himself, "I'm STILL the 
best...keith moon style...drummer in the world!"

I agree though that entwistle always seems to be the "forgotten one" in the 
band (watch that "amazing Journey" doc for proof).   he treated his playing 
very seriously, and was always attempting to improve as each year 
progressed, and he sure as hell did.   who knows how great he would've sounded these 
days.    he would've blown that superbowl audience over BIG time. 
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