Is There a Fix?

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Pete is def a noodler..but he still can rock..
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>when the who did the CFNY, they weren't in the middle of a tour at the  
>(in fact, some knuckleheads, namely adam sandler, thought the who  were 
>reuniting especially for the occasion, while their last tour ended  only 
the year 
>before), yet they stole that show completely.    they didn't even need to 
>a few songs before they got warmed up. they  hit the ground running. 
This was a Superbowl halftime show. They put on a great show and were  
smiling. I don't think there needs to be a fix other than what Mike brought up  
about the voices being louder than the instruments in the mix over the TV  
broadcast.  But where I saw it it was loud enough in the room to FEEL the  
instruments and it didn't matter. We weren't in denial, we were having a  
blast.  There were no crossed arms.
As for the CFNY, it wasn't the same atmosphere.  They had faces to  look 
into right in front of them. We were under attack at that moment and  the 
audience was filled with people who were in shock having lost  loved ones for no 
reason just weeks before.  It was very sober and the  songs they played 
came to life because they had the songs that could set those  faces free. They 
had the audience's full attention to the point of  tears. That means a lot!  
They stole the show because no other band  could do that. The meaning of 
the words came out. Just look at Pete's face. He  wasn't wearing sun glasses 
But Pete does noodle more than I'd like him to.
Jon in Mi

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