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Absolutely 100% right about John. I just wanted to dispute one point about Keith though: you are vastly underestimating the drumming on Who By Numbers. It is absolutely stellar, in my opinion as a student of the drums and someone who tries to replicate Keith's inimitable style. It is exciting & complimentary to the songs. It is also one of the smoothest, most mature performances he ever committed to record. I don't think he went downhill until after they ended the '75-'76 tour.

-Chris in Cleveland
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>This band lost a lot when Entwistle died.<



 This was and remains the issue for with this band. 

I could (and did) accept a Who without Keith Moon. Moon's lifestyle was devastating to his playing. Listen to every album from LIVE AT LEEDS onward and you can hear Moon play less and less well. For me, he's at his peak on WHO'S NEXT. But the decline is there. QUADROPHENIA is all big fills and cymbal wash. THE WHO BY NUMBERS...I could have played that. WHO ARE YOU...I play better than that. Furthermore, I'm one who believes the Who wouldn't have continued with Moon had he lived back in '78. I became a Who fan in '78 and I was able to accept them moving on after his death. Musically, Moon couldn't cut it anymore.

But the loss of Entwistle is not the same. John's abilities had not noticeably declined. And he always seemed like the "forgotten" man in the Who. For me, John's bass was far more important in the Who's sound than Keith's drumming. 

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