Is There a Fix?

jimthewhofan at jimthewhofan at
Thu Feb 11 14:48:50 UTC 2010


  >>2.. I think we can all agree that, however talented he is, Pino is absolutely 
the worst choice EVER for this band, and it's a tribute to Pete and Simon that 
they still sound so good. I don't know what Pete and Rog were thinking retaining 
him past his emergency fill-in status in 2002. Please let me know if anyone 


 Pete brought in Kenney Jones because he knew him, liked him, trusted him. I'm thinking it's the same for Pino. And now, Roger doesn't have the power to object. 

If getting a more fluid drummer like Starkey was important in retaining "classic Who" sound (so says Roger), then why get a bassist who studied out of the school of Standard Rock Bassist? A more appropriate bassist would at least give this What's Left Of The Who a chance to sound more like "classic Who." 

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