Is There a Fix?

Thu Feb 11 13:51:19 UTC 2010

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Martin.Bailey at writes:

> Not only does it take a few songs for them to get warmed up, but they 
> really need to be touring for a few shows beforehand too.

when the who did the CFNY, they weren't in the middle of a tour at the time 
(in fact, some knuckleheads, namely adam sandler, thought the who were 
reuniting especially for the occasion, while their last tour ended only the year 
before), yet they stole that show completely.   they didn't even need to do 
a few songs before they got warmed up. they hit the ground running. 

not to mention, when springsteen and the E street band did the show last 
year, their "working on a dream" tour hadn't yet begun, and they did a 
SPLENDID job, no criticism from anyone as far as I know. and by the way, I don't 
even think they (bruce and stevie) were singing live to some sort of backing 
track either. 

>> It made me wonder if it was cold there? How cold is it in Miami in 
February, in the >> early evening?

I heard the temperature that day was in the 60's. very cold for florida, 
yet my kind of weather.

my grandmother who lives there says that a few weeks before, it was in the 
20's!!  imagine florida being 20-something degrees... 

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