Is There a Fix?

Martin Bailey Martin.Bailey at
Thu Feb 11 13:26:04 UTC 2010

Chris Frate said:

> I've had to defend the guys way more than I should have for the Super Bowl show.

I know what you (and Scott) mean.  On reflection, and on rewatching the show, the performance wasn't as good as it could have been.
Both the vocals and musically suffered - we could have expected more.

It was more of a fantastic spectacle, than it was a career-defining musical performance that it could have been.

We know the reasons why - The Who simply need time to warm up.  (And they need to be 30 years younger... and they need John and Keith, etc etc)
Not only does it take a few songs for them to get warmed up, but they really need to be touring for a few shows beforehand too.

They were "good enough".  But that is all.

But, the good news is: they played better than this last time they toured.
And they will play better than this when they tour again next year.  (IMHO)

Then Chris Frate tried not to be misinterpreted with this:

> Roger sounded as good as I've heard him in a long time; he did not disappoint,
> although I think he wore too much clothing

I noticed that too.  Roger was wearing both a jacket and a scarf, rather than just the expected shirt.

It made me wonder if it was cold there?  How cold is it in Miami in February, in the early evening?
I remember swimming in the sea near Miami in January (27 years ago) - it couldn't be that cold, could it?

> ... also listened to the studio version of the medley (or "mash-up").
> The medley is a horrible production in my opinion.

I'm just starting to realise something...
Is this the first time that the current Who touring band (PT+RD with ST, J"R"B, PP and ZS) have recorded in the studio together...?

This is what we wanted for Endless Wire, but never got.  This is what we need for Floss.

I think the playing on this Studio Medley is fine: if Floss is like this, we'll be happy.
Maybe the production was rushed, so the levels were sloppy.
And I don't think anyone was really that interested in making it sound great, as it was never planned to be released "properly".

>  I am going to list four things ...

1. Yes.
2. Yes.
3. Yes.  Sometime you have to wonder whether even Pete is listening to his own guitar solos.
4. Yeessss......nnnnnoooooo.  No.
I did USED to think that the keyboards were overplayed (around 2000).  I wondered why they were needed for EVERY song.
The net effect being that each song just sounds slightly similar to the last song.

But I'm changing my mind on this lately.  Rabbit really, really, improves on songs like - say - Real Good Looking Boy, Who Are You, etc..
And he fleshes out every song he plays on.
There's a couple of songs (I can't remember right now - Baba?  WGFA?) where he plays a couple of notes that were never there before.
And I've now started to listen out for those notes, and feel something is missing if they're not there.

I think that: if you ever heard The Who play today, without Rabbit - then you'd just be even more disappointed.


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