Is it true that the NFL doesn't pay halftime acts?

Susan DeSimone suesjoy at
Thu Feb 11 05:31:56 UTC 2010

From: <Keithjmoon70 at>

>>I'm suspecting that The Who will get away with that stage--in other
> words, that would be their fee.  We'll >see if makes appearances later 
> on.
> I have a big yard, so they could store it at my house.

You should ask them for it.  That stage isn't good for anything but the 
Superbowl  The audience would be 100' away.

Jim M 

You guys are too smart to believe this stage could EVER be used again!!
It took 600 volunteers to set it up and break it down!!!


I highly doubt the who did the show for free! It was sponsored by Bridgestone...unless that means Bridgestone paid for the stage???

I thought the show was cool- I think Pete was being sloppy on purpose...ooh and I loved his "controlled chaos" as Chris Capp put it. It wasn't was all about celebrating and having fun...that's it really!

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