The Super Bowl

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Scott, didn't realize these were your quotes as I saw them on Jon's reply. I said....the crowd was too far from the stage and weren't 
shown 99% of the time but I can assure you that they were standing
and even had there cell phones out as instructed up on the scoreboard
screen. CBS did a lousy job as the instruments were hardly heard which
left the vocals naked and in front. Standing there on the sidelines the mix
was stunningly loud and crisp and Roger sounded very good as his voice
was heard mixed in with the instruments/sound. Thumbs down to CBS
broadcast..thumbs up to The Who :)
Mike S
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>The audience wasn't "into it," I'm sorry to say.  Those  sing-along
>parts were pre-recorded beforehand & added to the  performance
>to give it a....sense of excitement?....that the set  obviously lacked.

>Daltrey sounded poor to OK.  The people I was with kept saying,  
>"Uh oh." every time he sang a questionable note.  There were a  lot
>of "uh oh's".

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