The Super Bowl

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I was one of the people that was in a tent along with my brother and 50 
other people on February 2nd singing the background vocals, so yes that was 
added to the performance.
That doesn't mean that the audience wasn't into. I was standing on the 
sidelines of the
field (I was one of the 600 volunteers that pushed the 40 stage pieces into 
place in 4 minutes) and The Who sounded loud and crisp, unfortunately CBS 
or whoever was
in charge of the TV broadcast side of things had a low mix of the 
instruments which
left Roger and Petes voice to for out in front. Live and in person it was 
ten times
better than the broadcast hands down. The audience wasn't even shown on tv 
how does this person know? What he didn't see was that 74,000 people were
standing and singing along, it's just that the field to the stage was too 
far away
to hear it over the broadcast. CBS dropped the ball NOT The Who. The Who
kicked arse!!!
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>The audience wasn't "into it," I'm sorry to say.  Those  sing-along
>parts were pre-recorded beforehand & added to the  performance
>to give it a....sense of excitement?....that the set  obviously lacked.

>Daltrey sounded poor to OK.  The people I was with kept saying,  
>"Uh oh." every time he sang a questionable note.  There were a  lot
>of "uh oh's".

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