The Super Bowl

Scott Schrade schrade at
Thu Feb 11 00:17:44 UTC 2010

> I think your points are well-taken. 

I shouldn't have called them or their music "mediocre," though.
That was wrong.  They do great with what they have & always
give 110%.  They should be proud of that.  I am.

The SB performance just felt flat & listless to me.  Maybe it
was the hurky-jerky medley format.  Much of it was Roger's
voice.  Even my mom said it's more like yelling than singing.

I thought Zak was the super-glue who held it all together.  He
was solid as usual.  And Pino was actually loud in the mix which
was cool.

I don't know....  This band lost a lot when Entwistle died.  Hell,
it lost even more when Moon died.  I know I'm sounding like
a 'Class A' Bummer here but I just can't fake enthusiasm. 

Bright side!  It was a great showcase for the band & they did
what they had to do without any major cock-ups.  They showed 
that they're still out there , plugging along, carrying the rock & 
roll banner.

Some auto-destruction wouldn't have gone amiss, though.   ;-)

- SCHRADE in Akron

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