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 Schrade, I think your points are well-taken. It was nice to see Daltrey/Townshend there, performing. But that's all it was. Nice. Nice spectacle where the pyrotechnics clearly were the emphasis, not the music. Of course, they were relegated to 12 minutes (knowingly; they took the gig knowing what it entailed and Datlrey's bitching after-the-fact is rather silly) and it's hard to pull off something "momentous" in 12 minutes. Especially for these guys who, historically, need to warm up to get into a gig.

>it was just the usual "shell of a band" I've been seeing since 2002.<

Other than our memories (recorded, printed, filmed), it's all there is left, isn't it? 

>They were alright.<

Yep, and that's the best we can ever expect again.

And yeah, I sat and watched it and enjoyed it, because I think I had the appropriate level of expectation. Buddies and I were texting throughout the halftime and I always referred to them, rightly I think, as What's Left Of The Who. 

But I was glad they did the gig and maybe it wouldn't be a "Who-ish" event at all if there weren't bitching afterward from somebody in the band. 


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I was underwhelmed.  Again.  I was truly psyched for a momentous
12 minutes but it was just the usual "shell of a band" I've been seeing
since 2002.

Daltrey sounded poor to OK.  The people I was with kept saying, 
"Uh oh." every time he sang a questionable note.  There were a lot
of "uh oh's".

The stage dwarfed the band.  No big surprise.  It's supposed to be 
a big spectacle.  (Great job by the Starcke Bros. & the rest of the 
crew, BTW.)  The stage & lasers & fireworks were the show, IMO.
Not the band or the music.

There was awkward silence after the band finished at the party I 
was at.  No exclamations of, "Wow!  That was awesome!"  It wasn't
awesome.  It was mediocre just like the touring band that calls 
itself "The Who."

The audience wasn't "into it," I'm sorry to say.  Those sing-along
parts were pre-recorded beforehand & added to the performance
to give it a....sense of excitement?....that the set obviously lacked.

The people I was watching it with talked more about Zak's cymbals 
than the band's performance.

The band did OK, nothing more.  There were no major flubs but there
were no major highs, either, IMO.  Just the usual mediocre music 
we've been getting for the past 8 years, plus a glitzy stage & fireworks.

After the game I was looking for a little positivism & asked my friend
Jeff if The Who pulled it off.  "They were alright," he said.  "Daltrey....?
I don't know what to say...."

- SCHRADE in Akron

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