so, what did the who themselves think of halftime?

Wed Feb 10 06:56:43 UTC 2010

According to, Roger Daltrey was not happy with the Who's Super 
Bowl halftime performance. However, Pete Townshend felt that they put on the 
best show they could under the circumstances.

Townshend understood that they were basically playing on a television show 
and that there were restraints, which included only having 12 minutes to 

Townshend said that they were having as much fun as possible.

Daltrey said, "It didn't even feel like a concert," he continued, "It's a 
television show. And what can you do in 12 minutes?"

Both Daltrey and Townshend missed the interaction with the crowd. The band 
couldn't thank the crowd, mention the Super Bowl or mention the city of 

Daltrey added, "I really wished the crowd would have gotten into singing 
the songs with us more. That's how it is in Europe for our soccer matches. I 
wanted more banter."

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