The Super Bowl

Jim M Nakedi at
Tue Feb 9 16:30:07 UTC 2010

From: "Martin Bailey" <Martin.Bailey at>

> Garrett asked:
>> Is it true that the NFL doesn't pay the halftime acts?
> I automatically assumed the answer was "Yes", and imagined a figure around 
> the million dollar mark.
> Possibly the most they've ever been paid for a single gig.

I was trying to remember what I've heard and what I assumed.  Did Pete 
mention this at all in that interview he gave where he talked about the 
plans for 2010 and how he convinced Roger to play the Superbowl?  I can't 
seem to find that interview.

> But, either way: they'll make the real money in all the CD and MP3s 
> they've sold in the last couple of days.
> Think of it this way: they had 12 minutes of free advertising space right 
> in the middle of the SuperBowl. Priceless.
> They used it too sell "The Who Product".

I guess that could be worth it.  All the more reason to have a new product 
(be it CD or tour) to promote.

Jim M 

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