The Super Bowl

Martin Bailey Martin.Bailey at
Tue Feb 9 14:31:10 UTC 2010

I've seen it now!  I've caught up with you all.


The Who have done really well.  The SuperBowl organisers have done a fantastic job.

Stupid BBC commentator in the London studio talked over the Pinball Wizard intro.  Shoot him.

Loved the lights.  The Stage.  The Fireworks.  The Windmills!   "WHO WHO WHO" in lights all round the stadium.

Loved Zak's red & white cut-up Union Jack shirt too.  Don't think anyone's mentioned that...?

Pinball Wizard ended a bit too abruptly; jarred a bit.

In Baba O'Riley: did you notice the lasers just like WGFA in The Kids Are Alright?

See Me, Feel Me: was just teeny-weeny.

Who Are You: did you notice that no-one on stage was singing the backing vocals?
("Who are you, Who Who, Who Who!")
It was ALL just the crowd.

Won't Get Fooled Again: was it a shorter synth instrumental break in the middle?  Seemed quick.
After the Big Scream - did you hear the crowd cheer? SOOOO loud.

The Who didn't waste a second on stage.  No talking at all (hey - I predicted that!)


I've now got the whole 5-hour SuperBowl program taking up Gigabytes of space on my Media Centre PC.
But I don't want to delete it!  I want to see it again when I get home....

Dare I ask the inevitable question: where can I download a decent MP3 of it all?

Garrett asked:

> Is it true that the NFL doesn't pay the halftime acts?

When we watched the show, my daughter happened to ask whether The Who got paid much money for it.
(I'm not suggesting that you think like a 7 year old girl.)

I automatically assumed the answer was "Yes", and imagined a figure around the million dollar mark.
Possibly the most they've ever been paid for a single gig.

I wouldn't want to say that they were paid a $1M "just for 12 minutes work", as I know they would have worked hard for weeks beforehand.

So it interesting to think that they may not have been paid at all.

But, either way: they'll make the real money in all the CD and MP3s they've sold in the last couple of days.

Think of it this way: they had 12 minutes of free advertising space right in the middle of the SuperBowl. Priceless.
They used it too sell "The Who Product".

Ernie quoted:

> written by steve marinucci, ...
> ... we... our ... we... our...

How intensely irritating.  This man has severe psychological problems, and needs help.

And Ernie asked:

> how about we place bets now on who'll play halftime next year?

Seems like all the really big stars have played it now.

It would have to be a reformed Led Zep.  Or a reformed Pink Floyd.  Something really special.

Or Neil Young, maybe.  REM.  Someone really big and established.


PS: just when my life couldn't get any more Whoxciting, my copy of "Greatest Hits and More CD" has just arrived!  Whogasms!

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