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Tue Feb 9 13:21:04 UTC 2010

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> I couldn't believe how fast that stage got built!!!!  When the Who  came 
> on
> I turned  the volume WAY up. Everyone watching on the bar TV  came into 
> the
> room. There is only one way to listen to the Who and that is  LOUDLY. The
> snotty infants ripping on their voices over on YouTube don't  know that. 
> You
> can't listen to the Who live quietly. It's like  listening to a dragster
> idle and thinking that it needs a tune up.  Until they hit the gas...

You're always ready with the perfect analogy, Jon.  I can't tell you how 
many times I've listened to boots thinking, the boys are a little bit off 
tonight & changed my mind once I cranked up the volume.  Smooth move with 
the remote.  I made sure I had mine in hand, too, but my party was a little 
lower key.  Just my sister's family over at my place.  We don't always get 
together for the Superbowl, but we do for The Who!  She took me to my first 
concert back in '82.

You're right about the first half flying by.  I couldn't believe how quickly 
halftime came, or what an amazing stage the army of helpers were able to put 
together so quickly!  My sister's daughter wasn't interested in the game, 
but had to text someone to let them know The Who were coming on.  She also 
met a friend who lives nearby and brought her over.  When the show started, 
I cranked it up as much as I could with my mother-in-law in the room!

I was a little concerned when the intro was running over Pinball Wizard and 
more so when I saw Pete holding an acoustic guitar.  Once I got a look at 
the stage and Zak's drum kit, I knew everything would be fine.  It was 
definitely a little odd seeing them play with so much production and hearing 
the songs chopped up and strung into one long medley.  But, at the end of 
the day, The Who carried their flag with gusto, as they always do.  I was 
proud to be a fan and I know the thousands I could hear singing and cheering 
in the stadium felt the same.

I've heard some snide comments since then online and on sports radio. 
That's what people do today.  They tear people down and parrot cliches.  The 
funniest thing I heard was on a morning drive radio show from a rock turned 
sports host who chimed in, "When did Roger Daltrey turn into Edith Bunker?" 
OK, asshole, I've got to admit, that one was funny.  If you're going to do 
the Superbowl, or be a fan of a band that does, you have to expect that. 
There are a certain number of sports fans who simply don't feel that a show 
of that sort belongs in that game.  I don't disagree.  But, if you're going 
to do it, you can't do it any better than The Who did this Sunday!

Jim M 

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