Joe Lewinski lewinski at
Tue Feb 9 05:46:33 UTC 2010


I wish I was at your party.   Hiding the remote was brilliant!   That's 
so pre-meditated, man.

The best part of The Who's show was the look on their faces.   They were 
having fun
doing what they got into this business for - performing, and making 
people watch
and listen to them.    They were the center of the world for 12 
minutes.   They provided
joy.   Nothing heavy, nothing fluffy, pure, high quality joy.

This was a time for joy.

When U2 played and they listed all the victims of 9/11, it was a time of 
sober reality.  That had
a high impact, but it was not full of joy.    I appreciated U2's 
performance, but don't
care to revisit it.

The Who, I could watch over and over.   Even Pino was smiling.   

Maximum R&B.

Joe in Philly

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