The Super Bowl

Tue Feb 9 05:07:54 UTC 2010

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Keithjmoon70 at writes:

> It was a good game!  For some reason we all were rooting for the  Saints. 
> I think because they never won anything either and the N.O. needs  a good 
> boost. They need a reason to party.

it WAS a good game.

I'm not a sports fanatic at all, believe me. the past few superbowls, I 
thought the games stunk, but I thought this one was really well-played and 
quite exciting. 

edge of your seat plays, didn't look like there was much roughness going on 
between the two teams (like there was in the past few superbowls), looked 
like one team was gonna take it all over, then after halftime, the other team 
bounced back strong and eventually won it. 

I was rooting for the saints as well for the same reasons you mentioned. 

favorite ads? Letterman / oprah / Leno, betty white / abe vogoda, the 

how about we place bets now on who'll play halftime next year? 

elton John? billy Joel? both of 'em? 

maybe a more contemporary act like green day or the foo fighters?

friggin' Lady gaga? 

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