The Super Bowl

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Tue Feb 9 04:09:38 UTC 2010

Ok, since very few are telling how it went here on IGTC and I'm tired of  
waiting, I'll jot down the fun I had last night.
I was invited to a Super Bowl party by a builder I worked for back when  
they used to build these things called new houses in metro Detroit.  This  was 
in his house,  a real big house (something like 11, 000 sq  ft) that he 
can't sell, right next to Cranbrook. 
Everybody was in the lower level, which had this very nice theater room  
with a giant projector screen and excellent sound. I didn't know anybody there 
 except the hosts. Perfect. 
The second thing I did was get my seat on this couch that had a cup holder  
in front of the big screen and across from the glowing fireplace.  The  
first thing I did was grab the remote and hide it in that couch.
It was a good game!  For some reason we all were rooting for the  Saints.  
I think because they never won anything either and the N.O. needs  a good 
boost. They need a reason to party. So this was sort of like a party with  a 
purpose.  My purpose was to help convert some folks into Who fans  that night.
The first half really flew by.  The commercials were funny, so there  was 
no lull.  Did you hear Betty White say "That's what your girlfriend  said!" ? 
I couldn't believe how fast that stage got built!!!!  When the Who  came on 
I turned  the volume WAY up. Everyone watching on the bar TV  came into the 
room. There is only one way to listen to the Who and that is  LOUDLY. The  
snotty infants ripping on their voices over on YouTube don't  know that. You 
can't listen to the Who live quietly. It's like  listening to a dragster 
idle and thinking that it needs a tune up.  Until they hit the gas...
So for 12 minutes on 730 Lone Pine rd in Bloomfield Hills Michigan, The Who 
 was roaring.  Every eye was transfixed.  Every jaw was dropping.   All the 
old people were grinning ear to ear and hands were slapping hands. It  was 
so much fun! Roger looked great and sounded even better.  Pete looked  cool 
showing up dressed as an old blues-man with the bandana inside a hat  with 
glasses. The Super Bowl Pete. Click.
The stage shocked me!! All I can say is that was one major human  
achievement.  I thought about the Starcke bros. You dudes rock! I  thought What if 
somebody forgot to plug ONE thing in in those 5 minutes. It was  spectacular. 
It went of without a hitch from what I saw and looked fabulous.  Zaks 
cymbals!,, Zak's playing!  The song changes, the energy, the crowd  singing along, 
the song cycle building from the strumming of PW to the Climax of  Roger's 
Scream and Pete's power chords that just refuse to die in front of  yet 
another mass of human births.  This time before hundreds of millions,  many of 
whom were asking the silly question, Who? At the end, Pete had a big  smile 
and so did Roger.  They knew what they just did. It'll take a bit of  time 
and perhaps many listens for some new ones that  are interested to catch up.
What did they do?  They're still here, that's what they did.  The  music 
made it and they can still do it in nearly 66 year-old  bodies. Amazing.  Did 
you hear that crowd?  I couldn't, because  the room I was in exploded with 
clapping at the end. I mean everybody dug  it. The Who made some old folks 
feel real young and it was on every face.  Even mine!
Jon in Mi.

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