Roundel stage

Martin Bailey Martin.Bailey at
Mon Feb 8 11:56:21 UTC 2010

I haven't seen the Superbowl show yet.  It would have been on at around 2AM in the UK.

But I recorded the whole 5 hour program (!), and I'll watch it tonight.

Good to hear that The Who didn't mess it up, and sounds like they really rocked.

The photos look great - that stage looks amazing!

Joe (not) in Philly said:

> Joe in Philly (in Kansas this week - just saw halftime show in some
> smoky bar with sound system way too low)

What part of Kansas are you in?

I lived in Wichita for 14 months when I was a kid.
My dad worked at Boeing - on the flight simlutar for the 747.

I was only 7/8 years old, so I don't remember too many "smoky bars" though.


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