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You just spoke for me much in the way that Pete does.  We can always  count 
on you to show up and put things in perspective, and with great  
enthusiasm.  Thanks for that!
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Tomorrow  is Superbowl Sunday.  I remember when I was a boy, the  Superbowl 
was really a big day for me.

When I was young things were so much  more special. The feelings were  much 
stronger, the excitement far  more exhilarating. Everything was new. I  
didn't know what was gonna  happen! The highs were higher and the lows were 
lower. Roger  Staubach of the Dallas Cowboys was my boyhood hero back then. 
see, he worked hard.  He never gave up. There was always a chance  they  
would win the game at the end. I wore White and Blue #12 in the  70's. But, 
got too many concussions and had to stop playing at  38. The Detroit Lions  
never won anything in my  life.

Then...being in Jr high, everything, and to my dismay,   everyone changed. 
It was a real shock! Kids that used to just  have  fun stopped having fun 
started caring about how they looked and   acted. Instead of the simple 
choice of what game to play, it was  changed  to who were you identified 
Could you fit in with the  cool kids? Am I  cool? And just who is it that 
determines what is  cool and what isn't  anyway? Now sports were defined by 
athletic  skill. Lines were  drawn. There were girls.  And cigarettes. And  
drugs. You want me to do  what?!  It's not playing  anymore.  Why were you 
friend last  year but not this year?  Who Are You? I was in the 8th grade 

There was music then.  During those Disco years, some music came in and 
out just as quickly.  It was a big deal to stay away from that! But...other 
music  was  heard by my soul and was recorded into it as if it had found 
it's   home.  Before this music, I didn't much know what kind of a soul I 
had. I  
didn't "know" anything.Up to this point I had never been let down. I   
thought people were pure. I was an empty glass. I was dumb as hell.  

But I had good taste in music.  :-)

I guess I'm a grown  man now and the Superbowl doesn't mean much  anymore. 
Grown-ass men  running around with helmets on. That are  younger than I am! 
wanted to see maybe if Brett Favre could pull it  out and beat the  Saints 
as an old guy but the Vikings beat themselves by  turning the  ball over. 
said 'we don't want to be in the  Superbowl, you take  the ball!' When I 
a boy, this would've ruined my  night.   But now it really doesn't matter. 
It's a game.

But music still  does.  My music does. Music is something of  eternal 
Real  music is. From those innocent days of excitement  through all the  
joy, pain, hard work, gain, hope, loss, bustid heartz,  shattered  
concepts, and 
misunderstandings of the last decades, the music  has  been playing.  Time 
is passing. We're older now.

This  half-time The Who is playing.  Some say it isn't The Who   anymore.  
Not without Keith and John there.  Maybe they're right  about  that. I miss 
them very much and I wish they would've taken  better care of  themselves 
they could be here, too.  But the  man that seemed to  understand me 
through the 
most difficult times of  my life is going to be  there. And the music is 
going to be there,  too. Roger didn't give up and he  didn't retire. It's 
right to  be who they are and to do what they do and  they look good doing  
it.  I'm so glad that so many people get to see them  tomorrow  that may 
never known about them. 

The Who isn't just a rock  band. That's Aerosmith. The Who is a force. The  
Who makes a  statement beyond the sound of vocals, drums and guitars. It  
uses  sound to reach humans and it even makes humans one with that  sound.  
writer speaks to your subconscious and tells you  who you are. -Because you 
don't know. But, having listened, now you  may be bold enough, brave 
and just maybe miraculously OPEN enough  to ask. It's laid out there if you 
really wanna know. The Who is like a  can opener of the can of truth. Many 
just  like to admire it or keep  it in the drawer or say they have it or 
other people with it.   I'd like to use it to open that can. I'd like  to 
learn something!  It's in the words of the songs.

So, tomorrow if Pete swings his arm and  if Roger twirls his mic so  that 
it wraps around his body and unwraps  in front of all those people 
I'll be collecting those hand  slaps.

Jon in  Mi
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