Lamer than Leno?

Sun Feb 7 00:44:20 UTC 2010

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JOELTLE515 at writes:

> david Letterman made an "old" joke about the who last night on his show 
> as 
> well. 
> went something like this:
> dave: and the who are playing the-a, halftime show. the who, who are, of 
> course, old.. and, um..
> paul: yeah, but they're a classic band!
> dave: Let me reinterate, the who, who are a "classic" band..
> paul: yeah! 

oh yeah, then dave said,

"I know what you out there at home are thinking. 'who are you calling 

ok, he gets away with it then, right?  that, and the fact that the who, 
together and inidividually, have made more appearances on dave's show than any 
other. even conan. 

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