Scott Schrade schrade at
Sun Feb 7 01:29:44 UTC 2010

> The Who isn't just a rock band. That's Aerosmith. The Who is a force. 

I love it!  And I'm getting psyched!  Been watching clips of the press
conference & noticed that they sound pretty damned good!  They seem
happy & relaxed, too.  It's coming together.

I've always watched the Super Bowl.  I enjoy the spectacle, even though
sometimes it seems a bit much.  That's the USA, I guess.  And, I, too,
don't invest much emotion into pro football anymore.  Yes, like Triumph
said, it's just a game.  All I can do is play.

I grew up in hardcore football territory.  Canton, Ohio.  Home of the Pro
Football Hall of Fame.  I still go to the HOF game every year in late summer.
It's held at my old high school football stadium (Fawcett Stadium - Canton
McKinley High School).  It's large for a high school stadium; seats 20,000.
You can get really close to the players & realize just how goddamned big
they are.

After the Cleveland Browns crushed my spirits so many times back in the
day, I've learned not to get too emotionally drawn in.  It helps me enjoy 
the games more, I think.

So, I'll be pumping my Who fist in the air at a Super Bowl party tomorrow!
Fighting off the occasional crack from some of my friends about Pete & 
Roger's age.  (Yeah, like flippin' DEVO's getting any younger!.)  "Who ya'
like in the Super Bowl?" I've been asking people.  I like The Who!

Let the party begin!!

- SCHRADE in Akron

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