Pete On the Super Bowl & Other Things

Joe Lewinski lewinski at
Wed Feb 3 17:05:59 UTC 2010

 > >/ it. Specifically, the current hysteria about anthropogenic global /
 > >/ warming and/or unsustainable use of resources is demonstrably
 > />/ unnecessary, although this isn't the venue in which to 
demonstrate it.
 > />/ I'll be happy to discuss further offline.

/>/ /I certainly agree that this is not the place to discuss the 
imagined ability
 > of the "invisible hand of the market" to resolve issues of this sort, so
 > I'll leave it at that and decline your invitation to discuss offline. 
All I
 > will say is that I believe the sort of art that Pete is proposing 
making has
 > a role to play in advancing rational thought on global issues and, 
 > influencing the market (through adjustment of demand) to come to a 
more long
 > term, sustainable equilibrium.

This kind of rational exchange just makes me want to break into 
hysterics!  ;-D 

Joe in Philly

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