Pete On the Super Bowl & Other Things

Jim M Nakedi at
Wed Feb 3 14:55:13 UTC 2010

From: "Alan McKendree" <amck at>
> Pete's (or anyone else's) fears of "our responsibility for the  future" 
> are even more groundless than his fears of nuclear conflict  back then, 
> given that nuclear conflict *could* have happened then,  whereas the 
> future will be just fine assuming we can stay (or become)  rational about 
> it.  Specifically, the current hysteria about  anthropogenic global 
> warming and/or unsustainable use of resources is  demonstrably 
> unnecessary, although this isn't the venue in which to  demonstrate it. 
> I'll be happy to discuss further offline.

I certainly agree that this is not the place to discuss the imagined ability 
of the "invisible hand of the market" to resolve issues of this sort, so 
I'll leave it at that and decline your invitation to discuss offline.  All I 
will say is that I believe the sort of art that Pete is proposing making has 
a role to play in advancing rational thought on global issues and, thereby, 
influencing the market (through adjustment of demand) to come to a more long 
term, sustainable equilibrium.

Jim M 

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