more bad press for townshend

Jim M nakedi at
Mon Feb 1 16:26:42 UTC 2010

From: "Alan McKendree" <amck at>
> And, not having one of my own, I'm happy to say I've located an excellent 
> sound system hooked up to a TV, at the home of a friend, where I'll be 
> riveted next Sunday eve.

I don't have an "excellent" sound system, but I do have a decent Yamaha 
surround receiver with 2 JVC speakers.  I hooked it up recently, just for 
this event, but I notice that the sound coming out of the speakers is 
slightly out of phase with that coming out of the TV.  I've tried feeding 
the audio from the TV out to the receiver and feeding it directly from the 
cable box to the receiver, but it's not right either way.

For the superbowl, I'll just mute the tv and crank up the receiver, but 
overall, this is a nuisance as it makes me fiddle with the remote to mute 
one source and activate the other.  Also, I don't have a center channel 
speaker, so I like to have the tv sound fill in some of the mid range for 
voices, without having to blast the stereo.  Anyone know what might be my 


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