Live Quadrophenia

Martin Bailey Martin.Bailey at
Mon Feb 1 15:12:51 UTC 2010

Ernie pondered:

> could an acoustic performance of "quad" work?

To be fair, I think that Zak, Rabbit, Simon and even Pino would do a more than adequate backing band job for a live Quad performance.  (Except for maybe the bass solo in 5:15.)  Not as good as Keith and John, of course, but still more than passable.

But to answer your question about an acoustic Quad, played by just Pete and Roger: even if it doesn't quite "work", I'd still love to hear them try it.

Think of Drowned, for example: it sounds great when the whole band play it.  But it arguably sounds even better when Pete does his great acoustic version of it - with just his guitar and vocals.

To extrapolate this up to the whole album: there are many parts where Pete's acoustic guitar, Roger's vocals (and occasional Pete vocals too) would just sound great.

But there's other parts that would sound limp.  The instrumentals - Quadrophenia and The Rock - would Pete's single guitar be enough to fill out these tracks?  I doubt it.

Maybe Rog could help strum a few chords on the guitar too.

And Love Reign O'er Me: there could be a piano on the stage for Pete to play the intro on.

And they would still need tapes, for I Am The Sea, etc.  It starts to get more complex.

Overall: I think I'd prefer the whole band to play.

But - whether its the full band or just acoustic - the big question is:
Who would do Keith's vocals on Bellboy?  NO ONE is qualified for that.
I wouldn't be surprised if The Who pulled out a guest star for the TCT gig, just for this one song.
But who?  Sting?  Ringo?  Random member of the audience?


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