Victory For Common Sense - was 'Daltrey Picks Fav Album & Perfomer of 2009'

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Mon Feb 1 13:57:55 UTC 2010

On Tues 26 Jan, I wrote:  
> Give the Stackridge 'Victory' a spin too - I bet you like
> 'Long Dark River' anyway.
And Martin Bailey <Martin.Bailey at> replied: 
>Good idea. I've just done the Crass Amazon Preview Thing.
>Musically, they sound a lot like Neil Young.  (I love Neil Young.)
>Vocals have a bit of annoying singing style (even more annoying than Neil Young's whiny voice).
>But, again like Neil Young, I could get used to that.
>A bit like Ray Davies too.
>Did he just sing "Waltzing Matilda"...?

Martin, I guess that was 'Back In the Old Country' you were listening to - a song about 
ex-pats from the UK living in Australia and missing aspects of life 
'back in the old country' - that song does indeed reference 'Waltzing Matilda'. 
Stackridge have three main vocalists - 'Old Country' is sung by 'Mutter' Slater, 
while 'Long Dark River' is sung by Andy Davis (who played guitar on John Lennon's 
'Imagine' album, and has recorded and played live with Goldfrapp too. 

The reason I'm so 'up' on all this is that I went to see them on Friday night
across the river in Birkenhead. Great gig, and afterwards they all came out to mix and chat 
with the audience. Lovely folks. 

Imagine if PT and RD did an impromptu 'meat & greet' so readily? 
I bought 'Mutter' a beer - and he's been a hero for many years ... 
Again, I'd love to buy Roger a glass of wine (don't think he drinks beer) 
or Pete - well, a nice cup of tea, I suppose! 
Anyway, here's hoping the rumoured 'Quadrophenia' show becomes something real to look forward to. 
And that Rog looks after his voice ... 
Simon in Liverpool.  

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