Magic Bus at Hull

Martin Bailey mobailey at
Wed Dec 22 20:08:54 UTC 2010

Jim M asked the question we all should have asked a long time ago

> ..  they didn't play Magic Bus at Hull. So, which is it?

I think you’re right. We may have all just assumed that Magic Bus was played 
at Hull.

I can’t find my copy of the Concert Guide book at the moment.  But here's at 
least one respectable site which includes the Hull setlist - and there's no 
Magic Bus.

Its amazing what you can stumble over on a site like this.  For instance:

The Who also played Leeds University later in 1970 (21st November) - as a 
"thank you" concert for hosting their live album.

The setlist of surprises included I Don't Know Myself, Postcard,  Daddy 
Rolling Stone, Twist And Shout, and ended with Neil Young's Cinnamon Girl !

Who knew.


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