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Martin Bailey Martin.Bailey at
Tue Aug 10 12:17:26 UTC 2010

~ J Marc said:

> Hi, I'm J Marc, who did the Psychoderelict comic.

Gulp!  I'm glad I didn't say anything rude about it.

> I've raised the price to AUD$16, (US$14.60, UK£9.22 as of today)

Still a fair price.

> I'd like to get some over to shops in the UK,

Better still: have you tried setting yourself up as an Amazon Marketplace reseller?
On both and

This will get you a huge a potential customer base.  
Including Who fans who wouldn't normally go into comic book stores.

(I have no idea how to get started as an Amazon Marketplace reseller, or what the terms are.)

If you do get yourself set up, let us know and I'll place an order / give you your first recommendation.

> I'm waiting for a call to do an adaptation of Floss, wouldn't that be nice! ;)

You'll need to wait a year or two to hear it.
Then you'll need wait a year or two to understand it.

In the meantime: have you considered a Tommy or Quadrophenia comic?
Maybe something more based around the original albums rather than the films?

Or Lifehouse?  (good luck with that one.)

You could become the Jamie Hewlett to PT's Damon Albarn.


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