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Mon Aug 9 22:59:02 UTC 2010

Hi, I'm J Marc, who did the Psychoderelict comic. I've raised the price to AUD$16, (US$14.60, UK£9.22 as of today) but that includes normal postage to the UK, USA, everywhere. There are a couple of places to buy it in the US from shops, in Seattle and Las Vegas. I'd like to get some over to shops in the UK, I'll keep you posted about that. The books have been selling reasonably well and I won't do a second print run, though it might be published by another publisher in the future. However, every publisher I've talked to is wary about paying high fees for the rights to reprint Psychoderelict. Even reprinting a small amount of a song scares some publishers! It'll only happen if PT wants it to. At the moment I don't know what he thinks of the comic but he might be thinking it's too much of a legal hassle to get involved in, and is happy to leave things as they are. I'm gonna presume that he loves it, though! I sent him a copy. 

I'm waiting for a call to do an adaptation of Floss, wouldn't that be nice! ;)

~ J Marc

Martin said:
There's more details at   (below)
Includes the first ever decent explanation of the Psychoderelict plot I've ever read! 
"... the very strange, dubious way he restores himself, and bounces back into musical relevance"

Are you / anyone thinking of buying this?  Let me know.

15 Australian Dollars.  And Need a PayPal account.  
That seems to include shipping to the UK too...?  Hmmm.

I can't see anywhere to buy this in the UK (yet).  Which is putting me off a bit.

I'm still considering it.  
(I'm also considering buying the Greendale comic - based on the Neil Young album, 
which coincidentally has just come out at the same time.)


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