daltrey fearful that the who are coming to an end

JOELTLE515 at aol.com JOELTLE515 at aol.com
Fri Apr 30 08:10:08 UTC 2010

In a recent interview, Roger Daltrey revealed that he was fearful that his  
days in The Who were coming to an end. 
Bandmate, Pete Townshend, is still struggling with his hearing and  the 
tinnitus. It is making it difficult for the band to schedule  shows. 
Last month when the band closed out the Concerts for the Teenage Cancer 
Trust  at the Royal Albert Hall, Townshend used new in-ear monitors to fight 
his  tinnitus and his overall ongoing hearing problems. 
Daltrey told Uncut Magazine, "If carrying on is going to mean Pete going  
deaf, let's stop now. Entering old age is a silent world -- nothing is worth  
That (last month's concert) might have been the last gig. I  honestly don't 
know. We're trying to deal with issues that we have never dealt  with 
"Our bodies are beginning to give up on us. I've had voice  problems in the 
past year that I've managed to sort out and I'm really enjoying  singing 
again but you have to be realistic -- I am 66 years  old."

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