PT Pt. 2

Jim M nakedi at
Sat Apr 24 02:43:48 UTC 2010

From: "Scott Schrade" <schrade at>
> Whoputthebootin: At what stage of production is Floss? Are you still 
> writing, is it at demo stage? Or are some tracks in the can? Is there a 
> possible release date?
> PT: For God's sake stop nagging. Still writing. I have lots of tracks 
> demoed, but few with vocals because I'm not sure yet if I want to sing 
> every part or bring in character voices. No release date, as it will 
> probably never be released as an album per se. If I were you I'd start 
> saving for tickets to the premiere concert in 2025. 

He's such a tease.

Jim M 

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