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Wed Apr 21 17:13:57 UTC 2010

>Someone on the other side of the world may spend a few hours today  
worried their next meal.
>Whereas, someone on my side of the world may  spend a few hours today 
worried about a scratch on their >car.

>To both of these individuals, both the issues will seem as important as  
each other.
>This leads to guilt, and even "a sense of shame".
>Is  that what Pete is talking about?
>Is that how you interpret  it?


You got it.
As we know, Pete has this uncanny ability to speak our motives into our  
consciousness.  He makes us think and he causes us to look at what may be  
driving us subconsciously. In this case he answered a simple question about how 
 audiences differ by generation by succinctly  summing up what is driving  
western society!  And he nailed it.  
I believe that we in the west may be spoiled by what others have done  for 
us in the past. We live very comfortably relative to the rest of the world  
and yet we don't know what is going to happen next. It is up to us, but we  
didn't do much to get what we've got in a large sense. 
It's not easy to be spiritual when all of your needs are buried under your  
wants. When basic needs are in the forefront of one's attention such as 
air,  food, water, clothing, and shelter, one is far more open to the reality 
of such  things and is less concerned about being seen wearing a certain kind 
of  clothing.
We want to save the world.  But who would give up this life to  actually do 
it? Who could do it?
Jon in Mi

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