Martin Bailey Martin.Bailey at
Wed Apr 21 15:03:39 UTC 2010

> Pete: "...The price of this global peace has been a sense of shame I think,
>  that we in the West live a good life, and can check our spiritual
> condition, or  our social disaffection, as a matter of some importance..."

Jon in Mi's enigmatic reply:

> My goodness.

I can't tell what you mean by this.  Has Pete's deep words really moved you?
Or do you think Pete's really lost it this time and he's spouting more drivel than usual?

More words, please.

I barely noticed this quote from Pete at first.  I may have dismissed it pompous blathering.
But, now that you've bought it to my attention again, I think I see Pete's point...
My interpretation of Pete's words:

In war-ravaged and/or third-world countries, they have important things to worry about:
Water.  Food.  Stay alive.
Not that different from basic caveman survival instincts.

Whereas, in the West, we have much less important worries:
Do I need to mow my lawn?
Did I just say something to upset somebody?
Does this Who T Shirt match my jeans?
Are we sitting comfortably?
What should we watch on TV?

Someone on the other side of the world may spend a few hours today worried their next meal.
Whereas, someone on my side of the world may spend a few hours today worried about a scratch on their car.

To both of these individuals, both the issues will seem as important as each other.

This leads to guilt, and even "a sense of shame".

Is that what Pete is talking about?

Is that how you interpret it?


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