1970 Who performance of Tommy at Tanglewood on Wolfgang's Vault

Jim M nakedi at comcast.net
Wed Apr 21 12:27:37 UTC 2010

By release, they mean MP3's available for download, right?  That's bound to 
sound better than any of the boots I have.  Shame it looks like much of the 
concert is still not available in full quality.

Jim M

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Subject: 1970 Who performance of Tommy at Tanglewood on Wolfgang's Vault

> They're previewing Sparks now, and it does sound good.  Actually: very 
> good.
> But an internet audio stream is never going to "sound better than Live at 
> Leeds".
> And, we all know this isn't really "The Who's Last U.S. Performance of 
> Tommy"
> -MB
> from:
> http://www.wolfgangsvault.com/blog/index.php/2010/04/the-whos-last-u-s-performance-of-tommy/
> The Who's Last U.S. Performance of Tommy
> Published: April 20 2010 By Gavin Haag
> and tagged The Who, Tommy
> Boy, do we have gargantuan news for you. Next Tuesday, April 27th we will 
> release a legendary, never-before-heard-in-its-entirety 1970 Who 
> performance of Tommy at Tanglewood. Let us say that one more time: this 
> concert has never been released in its entirety! (Phew.)
> We have dedicated serious resources to maximizing the quality of this 
> concert and we think it sounds better than Live at Leeds, wha?! Are we 
> crazy? Maybe. We'll let you decide for yourself.
> And there's more. Come back Wednesday and Thursday of this week for a 
> sneak peak at two more tracks from the concert. Prepare yourself for the 
> Who!!
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